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Yacht Sentinel®, your virtual 24/7 crew member, is the answer to give you peace of mind. It provides around the clock monitoring and alerts you in case of problems, while allowing you to make essential checks at any time from wherever you are in the world – whether it’s on swing mooring or in marina.

Combining the latest in low power GSM and GPS technologies, Yacht Sentinel® was specifically designed to be able to run on a typical boat battery for many months.

Yacht Sentinel® can also be easily customised to best meet your needs. You can connect any types of third party items and control them remotely via SMS or the Apps, or in response to an alarm. The only limit to Yacht Sentinel functionalities is your imagination!


How it works: 

Yacht Sentinel is truly in a class of its own for functionalities, capabilities and price. It is a perfect combination of British invention and German manufacturing.

It is capable of working worldwide as it uses all four of the major GSM frequencies used by mobile providers on all continents worldwide.  

The device will typically be powered by the shore power (230v) if the boat is located in a marina, but it was specifically designed to be able to run on a typical boat battery (12v/24v) for many months. This means that boat owners on swing moorings, far from any shore power, can also take advantage of the features of Yacht Sentinel. Yacht Sentinel was designed using the very latest in low-power electronic components to reduce average power consumption to an average of under 40mA. Yacht Sentinel can also operates up to two days without any external power supply through its own internal battery in case of emergency if the boat’s battery is flat.

Yacht Sentinel is able to monitor a wide range of sensors and boasts state-of-the-art technology. The heart of the Yacht Sentinel is its microcontroller and GPS/GSM modules.  

The microcontroller is responsible for communicating between the various sensors and modules and for directly detecting and processing all the internal and external alarms. The microcontroller communicates with the GPS receiver to obtain tracking data of the Yacht Sentinel position, then calculates geofence alarms and also provides Course Over Ground, Speed Over Ground, Longitude and Latitude of the Yacht Sentinel. The microcontroller then converts the GPS and alarm/status data into a text format and commands GSM module to send this information to the user’s mobiles. Likewise when the user sends setup data and status requests to Yacht Sentinel, then this is collected from the GSM module by the microprocessor and processed accordingly.

Who is it for?: 

Yacht Sentinel is designed for all boat owners, whether sail or power.

Your boat is a major investment and like any major investment we want to protect it. By the very nature of boating we can’t be on our boat all of the time and there will be some times when we have to leave our boat at a mooring or in the marina, sometimes for extended periods when our boat is some distance away or in another country even.

We believe that security and peace of mind is not a luxury, it is simply something every helmsman should have. We balance robust, quality devices with affordability. And the fact that Yacht Sentinel will inform up to three users at the same time, it means that you can nominate someone close by to react quickly if you wish. A small investment to protect a big investment!