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*10€/sub par mois

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A propos de YS Pro

YS Pro is an ‘all-in-one’ product combining:


  • Super low power consumption (<0.3 W)
  • Large selection of wireless premium sensors with extended battery life
  • Internal alarms include geofencing, battery, tilt, temperature, and G-shock alarms


  • Data collected from NMEA2000, CAN Open, J1939, Ethernet and Modbus
  • Smart filtering functions (averages, min/max, etc.)
  • Coverage in more than 100 countries


  • Fit-for-all digital switching solution, using either Wi-Fi, BLE 5.0, Zigbee 3.0, NMEA 2000, or Modbus
  • 12v 24v smart relay available


  • Users can insert a sim card for YS Pro to act as a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink
  • Multiple Sentinel Cam 2 can be paired

YS Pro is protected by a premium waterproof rugged casing. It is part of a breakthrough ecosystem including a user-friendly app and a CRM product line for businesses called Partner Platform

YS Pro is a two-way communication system that connects our user app and CRM system with YS Pro using worldwide 3G/4G coverage. YS Pro collects thousands of data points every day

Remote monitoring

Using our simple, intuitive app you can remotely access the YS Pro at any time, from wherever you are in the world. This enables you to monitor a wide range of critical information, visualise past and future maintenance works and remotely control some appliances.


You can also set various alarms on your app, so you receive alerts on your mobile if there are any problems. Some alarm sensors are built into the central unit (position, battery, tilt, G-shock and temperature). And with our optional wireless sensors you can add more alarms according to your needs. All sensors have a long battery life and communicate using Zigbee 3.0 protocol. Battery level and signal strength of each sensor can by monitored via the YS Pro touchscreen.

It is an affordable, flexible, low power consumption monitoring system for all boat owners, whether sail or power.

It also provides an ideal fleet monitoring solution for boat rental companies, charter firms and marinas. YS Pro enables businesses to easily keep an eye on a large fleet of vessels at the same time, under a single account. And, if you want to operate a fleet management team, you can add multiple users to your account and control their level of access, from read only to full admin rights. Contact us for more information about our white-label program.

Subscriptions are paid monthly in local currency to cover communication and cloud costs. Costs in relation to Wi-Fi are at your own expense. A complete list of countries and telecom companies included in each zone is available here

Note that you must insert your own sim card to use YS Pro as a Wi-Fi router.

Standard – Europe + USA : 10 EUR (or equivalent) per month

Zone J – Standard + Australia + Japan + South Africa : 15 EUR (or equivalent) per month

Zone I – Standard + Zone I countries : 20 EUR (or equivalent) per month

Zone H – Standard + Zone H countries : 25 EUR (or equivalent) per month

Zone A1 – Standard + Zone A1 countries : 50 EUR (or equivalent) per month

Pourquoi YS Pro ?

Crédibilité et connaissance de l'industrie

Nous développons des solutions de bateau connecté depuis 2008

Couverture 3G/4G mondiale

Les données sont enregistrées pendant des mois si aucune couverture disponible

Un service complet

YS Pro combine 4 fonctionnalités: système de sécurité, analyse de la navigation, connexions intelligentes et routeur Wi-Fi

Robuste & fiable

Boîtier robuste & étanche de qualité. Mises à jour en temps réel

Large choix de capteurs sans fil

10 types différents de capteurs

Un écosystème innovant

Comprenant une application pour les plaisanciers et un système CRM pour les entreprises appelé Partner Platform

Convient aux bateaux à moteur & voiliers de toutes tailles

L’écran tactile permet d’installer et de configurer YS Pro très facilement. Consommation de la batterie < 0,3 W

Prix abordables

YS Pro coute seulement 1 590€ + 10€/mois pour la couverture standard

Accessoires fréquemment achetés

*Abonnement renouvelable automatiquement, annulation possible à tout moment. Voir conditions selon la plateforme sur laquelle vous avez téléchargé l’application YS Pro et le forfait choisi

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Subscribe to the Yacht Sentinel Newsletter

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the offers, tips and news about our new products.
We take care of your privacy. That’s why we’ll never spam you. You can unsubsribe at any time you want.