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Get rewarded
with our
Referal Scheme

Get rewarded for introducing us to your friends!

You understand the advantages of our products better than anyone else. Refer us to your contacts and earn £15 to £25 for each friend that makes their first purchase with us!

Heres how it works - THE BASICS:

Simply send an email to with your name, your PayPal or UK bank account details, and the name of your friend you are referring, within 5 days of purchase.

You will receive a payment of £25 for a Yacht Sentinel 6, £20 for a Sentinel Cam or a Sentinel Domotics and £15 for a Sentinel Point 2 bought by your friend within 30 days, it’s that simple!

To be considered a customer you must have purchased at least one Yacht Sentinel 6, or Sentinel Cam, or Sentinel Domotics, or Sentinel Point 2 over the last 5 years.

Heres how it works - THE DETAILS:

You must be an existing customer to refer a friend. To be considered a customer you must have purchased at least one Yacht Sentinel or one Sentinel Point over the last 5 years.
Referral rewards only apply to new orders placed via our website at list price. Products purchased via other channels (e.g. Amazon or eBay) or with discounts (for example at trade shows) do not qualify.
Only one reward per referred customer (even if they place multiple orders).
You may claim as many rewards as you refer new customers, up to the total amount you have initially spent.
We can only pay referral rewards by PayPal or UK bank transfer. Fees might be deducted from the referral amount for payments made outside the UK.



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