Yacht Sentinel welcomes ‘Shore To Sea’

Yacht Sentinel is pleased to announce Shore To Sea who have joined us as part of our Distributor network, a family run Swedish charter company based in the region of the archipelago in Stockholm. Get in contact with them if you want to explore the sights, and if you need any security and monitoring needs for your boat in that region.

Yacht Sentinel & Fountaine Pajot announce ground-breaking partnership to equip boats with connected boat technologies

Sentinel Domotics ®, an innovative big data solution enabling the transmission of any data available on the NMEA network, will be soon installed on new boats manufactured by Fountaine Pajot.

London – Yacht Sentinel Ltd, a European company specialised in connected boat technologies since 2008, is pleased to announce that it will equip all new boats built by leading catamaran manufacturer Fountaine Pajot from February 2021 onwards.

Sentinel Domotics is a revolutionary solution enabling Fountaine Pajot and its customers to remotely receive any data available on the NMEA network including engine & battery parameters, fluid levels, temperature, humidity & wind data, water depth, speed, GPS coordinates and much more.

A smart switch is also available to turn on the NMEA system remotely for a short period when the NMEA system is switched off.

“We are delighted to partner with Fountaine Pajot and support the company’s transition into the new digital area of connected technologies. Over the last 12 years we have built an entire boating ecosystem with boat owners and shipyards at the centre of our developments. This new milestone is a testament to our vision to be at the heart of the connected boat revolution. Sentinel Domotics creates outstanding value not only for Fountaine Pajot but also for its customers and dealers” Romain Devismes, CEO of Yacht Sentinel, commented. “This partnership is yet another demonstration that the boat industry is keeping up with connected technologies seen in the smart home and automotive industries.”

Information is displayed on a user-friendly Fountaine Pajot app to give a better experience on the water and added peace of mind. Together with our Partner Platform, our ecosystem sets a new standard for the connected boat sector.

“We are pleased to work with Yacht Sentinel to provide our clients and dealers with this innovative technology solution. Not only can we now offer a customised app with all NMEA data to our customers, but the “Partner Platform” allows us to improve customer support, reduce maintenance costs and better understand the usage of our boats, all critical aspects to continuously manufacture market-leading boats” explained Romain Motteau, Fountaine Pajot Deputy Chief Executive Officer.


About Yacht Sentinel Ltd
A pioneer in the market, Yacht Sentinel Ltd has been making boat monitoring systems since 2008. The company aims to make boating as easy and relaxing as possible for the user, while creating outstanding value for boat manufacturers, dealers and charter companies.

About Fountaine Pajot
Founded in 1976 by Jean-François Fountaine and Yves Pajot, the iconic brand FOUNTAINE PAJOT has been producing cruising catamarans since 1983. Thanks to its unique know-how in the area of designing and building comfortable catamarans, FOUNTAINE PAJOT has released 48 different models and delivered close to 4,000 catamarans to destinations all over the world.

Sentinel Domotics *Press Release* Revolutionary Solution


Yacht Sentinel Launches A New Connected Boat Solution For Professionals

Revolutionary solution that allows users to remotely receive any information available on the NMEA network

London – Yacht Sentinel Ltd, a leading UK-based boat-monitoring manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of Sentinel Domotics, a revolutionary solution allowing users to remotely receive any information available on the NMEA network including engine and power source parameters, fluid level, wind data, water depth and much more.

Information is displayed on a user friendly app – YS Hub – to give a better experience on the water and added peace of mind.  Together with our free Partner Platform for professionals such as Boat Builders, Dealers, Charter companies and Fleet Managers, it sets a new standard for the connected boat sector.

Romain Devismes, CEO, says “Over the last 12 years we have built an entire boating ecosystem based upon our spirit of innovation and service. Sentinel Domotics is the latest in a long line of industry leading products and our experts have been working tirelessly on it for over a year. So now, I’m really proud that we have designed a product that really delivers on our vision to be at the heart of the Connected Boat revolution.  Sentinel Domotics is complementary to our wireless monitoring systems, on board cameras and powerful Wi-Fi, and adds significant value to shipyards, dealers and fleet managers at an affordable cost.”

Avinash Patel, CTO, says “Working on Sentinel Domotics has been both a pleasure and a challenge for me personally.  With our deep understanding of the needs of our customers, the team has developed something that is both technically advanced and simple to operate. Not only does Sentinel Domotics mean that NMEA data is literally in the palm of your hand, but our free Partner Platform offers services such as remote diagnostics to improve customer support, maintenance reminders, tasks management, service logs, messages and forums, and much more”

Sentinel Domotics costs only £399 as an introductory offer with the first year of subscription included and only £69 per year after that.  

Sentinel Domotics requires a secure Wi-Fi connection and you can purchase the Wi-Fi Marina router at a cost of £199 if your boat does not already have a Wi-Fi connection.

“Yacht Sentinel: Your virtual crew member”